Monday, April 6, 2009


Lookie what Mom sent me!


This is a reusable grocery bag from Trader Joe's, along with two grinders: a black peppercorn grinder and a sea salt grinder, as well as a package of chicken bouillon! I love it all!


(Sorry for the blurry picture -- I was shooing dogs away as I was trying to take this picture. The Pringles-Eats-An-Entire-Chicken-Bouillon-Cube-Incident occurred just after this picture was taken. Hence why his mouth was in the general proximity of a bouillon cube....)

I am spending this evening watching the first Twins game of the season (with Seattle Mariners announcers, who could not possibly be more annoying). I am also teaching myself how to do Sudoku puzzles. I feel like a kindergartner learning to color with those fist-sized stubby crayons. I googled "sudoku for beginners" and am currently working on a "very easy" puzzle.

Only its not very easy. Its hard, and there are lots of blanks, and I am having to use more brainpower than I feel is necessary for a number puzzle.

But! I will not be vanquished. I was soundly ridiculed at work the other day for not knowing how to do Sudoku, so by God, I'm going to learn how.

I might take a break in a minute and gather my sock-knitting materials for tomorrow's CLE. (Stupid sudoku puzzle. I bet sudoku people can't turn the heel of a sock. So there.)

Anyone got any Sudoku pointers for me? Am I missing something, or am I just a moron?


The Mulvihills said...

I loooove Sudoku! And you are correct, I can't turn a heel on a pair of socks! :) sure to look at the small boxes as well as the rows. It will get easier!

Ms. Debbie said...

I too love Sudoku! And you are correct, I can't turn a heel on pair of socks either! Once you get going on a puzzle you will see number patterns which makes the rest of the puzzle easier. I use a site that has a timer... and I get frustrated when each time I find myself taking a few seconds longer to solve it. I think my brain gets tired quickly. Have Fun!