Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Serene Joy of a Lawn Mower

And the consummate evil of a Weed Wacker.

We finally took the plunge last weekend and bought a lawnmower. We barely got it home, because the box they packed the mower into was five-times the size of the actual mower. (We trashed the box and put only the mower itself into the trunk. It fit. Barely. Need bigger car, stat!)


So here's the happy homeowner in all his mowing glory. It was still rather cold out, hence the long sleeves.


He was very meticulous about mowing in lines. Very, very meticulous.


I think its a thousand times better than it was before. (We also mulched that big bed, but I didn't get a picture because my arms were so tired from mulching that I couldn't lift the camera up to my face anymore.)


This is the wild wilderness that it used to be (back in Nov 2008 -- look, Steven's foot has disappeared in the grass...), so I think its definitely much improved.


All the neighbors have commented too, so they seem pleased.

I, however, was tragically unpleased with our new Weed Wacker.

In fact, I hate it. Hate hate hate it.


It took about forty pulls on the starter to get it cranked, and then it would work for five seconds and then all of a sudden there would be no more plastic cutting thread left. So then I'd turn it upside down, open it up, re-fix the plastic thready thing, and try again.


Argh! Stupid #*@&%$ Weed Wacker!

Aaaand rinse and repeat.


Is it working yet? Here, let's try it out. (Steven eventually took over and got it working. From now on, he will be the sole person handling any and all gas-powered lawn maintenance equipment.)


So there you have it. No more jungle. We think it looks pretty good, although we do aspire to our neighbor's level of greenness. (I think they might hire a lawn service, though, so the competition is already skewed. They should have to put an asterisk on their lawn...)


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