Friday, August 1, 2008

Tomato-palooza (or, How to Be a Hippie)

As I predicted, it has become Tomato-palooza up in here. The tomato plants are producing faster than I can stuff my face full of red deliciousness.


It never ceases to amaze me that these grew on my porch. In a container that I planted them in. With the help of my watering. It is completely stunning to me that a plant can survive my obsessive-compulsive gardening. These must be some hardy little fellas.


Anyway, so last Saturday we found ourselves with more tomatoes than we knew what to do with. And I was itching to use my new favorite kitchen-y item -- the Pizza Paddle!

What better to go with homemade pizza dough than homemade pizza sauce, right? At first, I doubted myself and googled "fresh tomato sauce" recipes for an hour. After I realized that they were all essentially saying the same thing ("chop tomatoes, season tomatoes, cook tomatoes"), I bit the bullet and dove in.


And by golly gosh darn it, I really can make my own tomato sauce! From my own tomatoes! Whoa! (I feel so enlightened, so free -- here I was, all this time, thinking that I would be eating raw tomatoes until February...) All of this gardening and cooking and making things from scratch is making me feel very bohemian. (If I start talking dreadlocks and communes, someone please feel free to remind me that I enjoy clean hair and showers.)

For future reference, making the red sauce was super easy. My extremely vague instructions would be as follows:

1. Chop tomatoes.
2. Pour dollop of olive oil in a saute pan.
3. Chop some garlic and sear it for a minute or two (till you start to smell garlic but before it turns brown).
4. Throw the tomatoes in the pan.
5. Toss a couple pinches of salt over the tomatoes.
6. Shake some seasoning over the tomatoes (Oregano? Thyme? Parsley? My seasoning rack had a spice that was marked "Pizza Seasoning." Hey, if they give you a "for dummies" option, I say take it.)
7. Toss a couple pinches of sugar over the tomatoes.
8. Cook until the juices evaporate and it starts to get the consistency of a sauce.

Easiest 5-minute red sauce ever. In the event that your porch tomatoes are not reproducing like rabbits, you can also used crushed or diced tomatoes from a can.


For those of you waiting on the edge of your seats (I know you're out there), you will be relieved to know that I did finally conquer my cookie dough fluke. Unfortunately, it took quite a few more test batches before I found the right recipe. (What? Don't look at me like that -- I had to keep tasting each cookie batch to make sure I got them just right. And sometimes it took a second cookie to tell for sure...)


Dad said...

Jes keep on cookin' da tomatoes, mon -- dey be jammin an' tasty :-)

mom said...

Those tomotatoes look AMAZING! i wish I were there to eat some. I am so proud you Esq. Heather, Attny/Farmer.

Dad said...

We're all scared to use spell check after your earlier post :-)

mom said...

Tomatoes :-)