Saturday, August 16, 2008

You Slouch!

Its almost like this is a knitting blog lately. (Which is sort of why I started it, but not really what its become -- its more of an amalgamation of all the different parts of our lives, all jumbled together into random pictures and bits. Yeah, that's right, an amalgamation. That's worth at least twenty-five cents.)


Pattern: Le Slouch
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay 100% wool
Needles: US 8
Degree of Slouchiness: Just right.


One-hundred percent wool was one-hundred percent delightful in the August afternoon sun. I suffer for my art. Really, I do.


Also, I can't decide if this hat is uber-hip, or just kind of slovenly-looking.


Depends on the angle, I suppose.


On an unrelated note, Steven and I have finally pulled the trigger and called our local bank to get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan. We were rather nervous about it, given the tremendously high prices for homes in this area and our not-so-tremendously high incomes. Would we qualify for enough? How much was enough? Would we qualify for anything? What is this scary downpayment thing people keep bringing up? Would we have to live in an apartment forever? All these questions!

You can all breathe a little easier tonight, knowing that the Steele family will not remain in these here 600 square feet indefinitely. No! We will be free at last! (Well, as free as you can get with a 30-year mortgage hanging around your neck. :) But I digress.)

We pre-qualified for plenty more than we had anticipated. After we thanked the mortgage guy and hung up the phone, we promptly proceeded to do a happy dance, which likely served to upset our downstairs neighbor.

And then I put on my fabulously slouchy hat and gazed out into the distant yonder, dreaming of gourmet kitchens, second bedrooms, and backyard gardens that aren't three stories up.


I think all future homeowners wear wool hats on their apartment balconies in August in celebration of qualifying to succumb to an unspeakable amount of mortgage debt. It just seems like the right thing to do.


Erica said...

Elisabeth, who I suppose is a future homeowner, just yesterday played in the front yard all morning wearing a wool cap. You're in good company. And I like the hat. Definitely not to artsy fartsy.

mom said...

LOVE the HAT! It is fabulous!

It brings to my rememberance a certain beret' from a high school play some years ago. Your knit one is much "cooler" style.