Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everybody's Gettin Hitched

I think every single person we know just might be getting married this summer. And it is great. Why, you ask? Well, it just so happens that other-people's-weddings are a great excuse to buy new dresses. ("But Steven! What am I going to wear to the wedding?")


This particular wedding was for my friend Aja from work. She picked a lovely outdoor ampitheater at an old historic railroad site in Pennsylvania.


The day was gorgeous - bright and sunny. The ceremony started, and the groomsmen and bridesmaids lined up, looking smart in black and red.


Aja looked lovely walking down toward the ceremony - her flowers were gerber daisies and dahlias in a deep, dark red. I settled into my seat and got ready to watch the ceremony.


And then I blinked.

Man and wife!

Aja officially wins the award for Shortest-Wedding-Ever. I timed it. Nine minutes. It was totally awesome.


We told Aja after the ceremony that it was the quickest ceremony we'd ever been to. She said, "I know! Isn't that fantastic?!" And that, my friends, is why we all love her.


Since the wedding was so fast, Steven and I had some time to kill before the reception started, so we decided to explore downtown Ebensburg, PA.

We were welcomed.

Steven was interested in seeing the guitars in the electronics store, but alas, it was not open. On a Saturday. At 4 PM.


So, we settled for the antiques stores, instead.

Some folks were born made to wave the flag, ooh that red white and blue.

In said antique store, we discovered that with a little modification, we could personalize all of the Pittsburgh football paraphernalia.


Our little picture-fest also piqued the curiosity of the locals. I guess its not every day you see a couple walking around in full wedding-dress-up, taking pictures.

Hi. Don't mind the tourists.

After our tour of Everything Ebensburg, we made it to the reception and found our table.


The newlyweds had a dance.


And the been-married-for-nearly-half-a-decade folks decided that they, too, should have a dance.

What? Dance? You talking to me?

Oh, and did we ever.


And, much like the old married people we are, we grew tired at about 9:00 PM and decided it was time to bid the partygoers adieu. (Plus, my abs hurt from doing The Twist.)

Congratulations, Aja and Preston, on a lovely, speedy wedding, and a very fun reception! We had a blast.


And for the record, I do intend to post about our new VP Candidate, Sarah Palin. Suffice for now to say that I am very excited and quite inspired by her ability to achieve this level of political office, especially as a woman and a mother of five! If she can do it, then so can I. And mark my words. I just might run for office someday. Politics needs someone who can dance a mean Twist.


laura said...

and here i was thinkin' mah mommy's ceremony was short--25 minutes. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics. i love how the dudes WERENT wearing jackets. it IS august people!!

Erica said...

wow - she even beat us! we were the shortest ceremony I had ever heard of (at 14 mins). 9 minutes is tough - I'm not sure which 5 mins we would have cut out!!! but perhaps our preacher could have talked faster...