Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dinner for One

When Steven told me (at around noon today) that he had scheduled a Guys' BBQ Night for tonight, I immediately started brainstorming about dinner for me, myself, and I.


I had been presented with a rare opportunity -- the opportunity to cook something, anything, without having to ensure that Steven would (a) like it or (b) eat it. (These are often mutually exclusive, as he has agreed to eat several of my rather inventive dishes that he didn't actually like...)


About ten minutes before I left work, I realized that I wanted something that tasted like late-summer, early-fall. Its been a bit cooler outside in the mornings when I walk the dogs these days, and I'm so excited for the leaves to change, I can hardly stand it. But alas, with the end of summer goes the end of my tomato plants, so best to use them up now, while they are super ripe and delicious.


I googled one of my favorite go-to food bloggers -- Smitten Kitchen -- and searched for "tomatoes" in her site.



The recipe had all the right ideas -- very few ingredients, quick prep, and plenty of fresh, summery tomatoes. (Never mind that she posted the recipe in December. It just means I can eat this dish year-round.)


And oh. Oh. My. Word. The finished result was unspeakably good. The tomatoes were bright and tangy, and the arugula was so fresh, and the garlic and onions blended perfectly.


It was seriously amazing.


The only thing I would have changed is this -- when Deb from Smitten Kitchen originally made it, she made pasta from scratch.


And that is definitely next on my list.

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Steven said...

If I wasn't over at Sandbergs grilling out - even I would have had this for dinner. Thats saying something. :)