Monday, August 25, 2008

Business As Usual and a Note to the DNC

Okay. After this one, I swear I'm all out of freshly finished knits. Promise.


Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease, in Maize
Pattern: Trellis by
Available at:
Needles: US 4


This little guy sat on the needles for at least a year. I couldnt bring myself to finish up the collar. It seemed too daunting.


(It really wasn't. At all. I should stop letting knitting scare me so.)


Again, not sure where this one is headed. Any takers?


As an aside, I have a brief message to share with the People Who Plan The Democratic National Convention:

Dear Democratic Planning Committee People,

Quit putting all the boring stuff first. Give us the big speeches at like 8 PM, and make the boring people go later. We are all very tired from working so hard to pay our taxes and provide for your welfare system, and in return for all our hard work, we just want to see a couple interesting speeches before 10 PM rolls around. Could you please tell Joey from the Labor Union that his speech, while important, does not necessarily need to go first?

Let's shake things up a bit, O' Party of Change. Change up the speakers' schedule so we can catch your talking points and still get a good 8 hours of snooze time, k? Otherwise, I'm stuck at the water cooler tomorrow, talking about how compelling a speech the Illinois State Treasurer gave.

And nobody wants that. Seriously.

(To be fair to the DNC, it was a nice moment to see Ted Kennedy on stage. While I disagree with absolutely every single word that comes out of his mouth, its always inspirational to see someone courageously fighting cancer, no matter what political party they stand for. Also, and in keeping with my prior post, I secretly wanted to be Maria Shriver, too.)

(Back in the days when she looked less skeletal, that is.)


The Mulvihills said...

Mine! Great for a boy or girl! Now all it needs is a matching one Jenny-sized! :)

laura said...

oh come on! you stayed up for the olympics!! :-P

plus, when all is said and done, it 830 in colorado. i'm just saying :-P

strictlyforpleasure said...

I hear ya, though the timing of Michelle Obama's speech was sandwiched nicely between Weeds on Showtime and the Will & Grace re-runs on Lifetime, so that was considerate.

Ms. Debbie said...

Memo to the DNC greatly appreciated!

Mom said...

love, Love, LOVE that sweater. You are The Most Talented knitter EVER.