Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Market For Farmers

There's a shabby little parking lot by the Fairfax Courthouse, and most of the time it sits empty and unloved. But every Saturday morning from May to October, 8 AM to 1 PM, the little parking lot comes alive with a bounty of bright, colorful food.


And when bright, colorful, locally-grown food is calling my name, I cannot resist.


All last week, I kept making Steven promise and re-promise to take me to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Being a man of his word (and having received my not-so-subtle daily reminders), he drove us to the Farmers Market and even patiently walked over to the bank with me when I realized we forgot to get cash. (He wasn't all that happy about it, but he was at least patient.) :)

I bought a gorgeous pint of blackberries from this little girl (she was maybe 14?). I told her they looked fantastic, and she raised an open hand to show me her purple fingertips.

"I've been eating them all morning for breakfast!" She grinned. I think her whole family was there, helping to unload the bounty from their truck. I decided right then and there that I want purple fingertips from eating blackberries every morning for breakfast, too.


And there was so much fantastic stuff to look at. Cherries, blueberries, blackberries (these are the ones I picked out and bought -- each one was bigger than a quarter.


We couldn't buy everything we wanted to buy -- even my fruit-loving ways have their limits, and most of it would have spoiled before we ate it up. Here's a sampling of what I intend to get in tomorrow's haul...

1. Peaches (because I am from Georgia, and therefore it is only right...)


2. One of these crackly-delicious melons.


3. A scone of indeterminate type (apple?), dusted with sugar and warm from the oven or the sun, or maybe both.


I probably won't buy any of these green beans, given the fortitude of our porch plants, but I do feel better about the stringiness of our own beans after seeing these. They are downright scrawny-looking.


And as badly as I wanted one of these tomatoes, I didn't pull the trigger, because once my porch tomatoes start turning red, it will be Tomato-pa-looza up in here. Seriously, there have got to be at least 40 little green tomatoes on those plants, of varying sizes. One of them has begun to turn red, and I am resisting the urge to pluck him off the vine before his time. Maybe this will help remind me what I'm waiting for.


Last time, I bought white nectarines from this little stand - Kuhn Orchards, I think? They were good, except one of them was a little over-ripe. I have two left in the fridge that I will eat up for lunch tomorrow.


And both times I've been to the Market, I've been faithfully buying quickbreads from Grace's Pastries. We've had Chocolate Walnut Bread, Pumpkin Spice Bread (in July! Yum!), and Carrot Loaf Bread (not as virtuous as you might expect, but delicious!).


Coffee cake may be next on my list.


I got some great stuff last time (checking the bags because I forgot what all I'd purchased by the time we got to the car). I am totally going back tomorrow, and every Saturday after that until Octoberish.


Steven, take note. Also, can you drive us again please?

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The Mulvihills said...

You should send your pictures to Grace's Pastries. I saw the other one in another post--they look great! I bet Grace would appreciate seeing her work from the eyes of your camera!

PS-the pork turned out GREAT! We just finished eating the left overs for lunch :)