Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back By Popular Demand

Dear Respected Members of The Carlie Fan Club:


Greetings from Carlie's humble typist. Carlie would like you to know that she is doing well - she's had some busy days managing the household (that Pringles can be a handful), and it takes time and energy to get all that beauty rest, you know.


She's been meaning to have a photo shoot done, just for you folks. And, she specifically wanted me to mention, its not that she was ignoring her adoring fans, per se, its just that, well...


She hasn't been to the salon in quite some time, and her Farrah Fawcett bangs are really starting to get out of control.


Please pay no mind to the barrette. They are in high fashion this year, Carlie's stylist tells me. Also, in addition to being chic, Carlie says they help tremendously with that whole "seeing where you're going" thing.

They also help when you need to look through the balcony railing at the people walking on the sidewalk three floors down (which just so happens to be a favorite activity around these parts).


Bonus shot for Mom: Look! My callas sprouted flowers! Yay!


They aren't orange, but I still like them. Maybe they will turn orange later?


And now its time for the humble typist to schedule Carlie for a trip to Le Pooch Beauty Parlor. (aka PetSmart) :)


mom said...

WOW! Your calla lillies are way ahead of mine. I have all leaves, no flower. Yours are beautiful.

Little Carlie is a princess pooch.

Love you all.

Steven said...

I saw Carlie last night on TMZ.

mom said...

I'm a Carlie fan and a Pringles fan too.