Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Twenty-Seven Can't Be All That Bad

Gifts burn a hole in Steven's pocket. He buys them, then hides them in the house for maybe two, three days, and then he's dying to give them and Cannot Wait Any Longer.

Which tends to work out magnificently for yours truly. (huge grin)

However, being that it is not precisely my birthday quite yet, I am not telling you all what he got me! But here's a hint: I took this picture from my third-floor apartment balcony.


And I took this picture at 8:00 at night.


(PS - Look! Its my yarn I spun on my spindle! Likely not enough yardage to make anything but still - Hey! I made that!)

And I took this picture from about three feet back.


Any guesses? While you're pondering it, I'll be sitting here grinning stupidly to myself, happy as a clam. In addition to adoring my new birthday presents, I love how my birthday kinda marks the beginning of those lazy warm summer nights where the sun lingers and warms the bricks on the front of our apartment building. Seriously love that.


What a life. Maybe I won't go have a twenty-something crisis after all. :)

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