Friday, May 2, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I don't care if I ever get back! Cause its root, root, root for the Nationals! If they don't win, no one's really that surprised because their team batting average is 160! And its ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE strikes and the entire Nationals side is out at the old ball gaaaaaaaaame!


Steven was offered some free tickets through his work, and being that it is May and we love baseball, we decided we couldn't pass this opportunity up.


We'd been told the seats were darn good -- they were season tickets and they were pretty pricey.


But little did we know we'd be three, count 'em, three rows from the field!


AND it was Dmitri Young Bobblehead Night! I was really wishing that I had a bobble-head doll for a player who was arrested for choking his ex-girlfriend! Yes!


Steven emailed me right before we left for the game and said that a coworker had asked if we could please participate in a Flat Stanley project. I had heard of Flat Stanley but never actually experienced the whole thing.


I am now a Flat Stanley aficionado. Flat Stanley enjoyed his trip to the Nationals Stadium. Steven is not too sure about Flat Stanley, though. Maybe its Stanley's sweatervest.


Stanley also tried to catch a foul ball or two, but it was difficult for him, especially since his arms are made of manila folder paper.


Stanley saved our seats when we went to go get food at the inappropriately-named hot dog vendor stands...


(As a side note, this place really should have double-checked with their marketing people before they put their advertising up....because this is just wrong on so many levels....)


Anyway. Back to Stanley. I wrote up a little description of what Stanley did at the baseball game and gave it to Steven to give to his coworker for her niece's project. (Against my wishes, we also had to give Flat Stanley back to her. I was ready to turn this whole blog into "Adventures-of-the-Two-Dimensional," but alas, it is not to be.) I hope the little girl who made Stanley enjoys our work. It made me want to go write children's books for a living.


Steven got jealous that I was taking more pictures of a paper doll than of us, so we took the obligatory arms-outstretched, myspace-looking picture of us.


I bragged to Steven about knowing Austin Kearns personally (which I actually don't, but I know someone who knows him through someone else, sort of, and I think that's close enough to count as me knowing him personally). Here he is, for the record.


Overall, the park itself is beautiful, although the game was rather dull at times.


That is, until the Presidents' Race! There's Abe, in the lead!


Oh but Washington catches up! Look at the legs on that fellow! What a stud our First President must have been!

In the end, Abe Lincoln won the race. Here he is, strutting his stuff for the crowd.


These giant foam heads are actually really frightening close up. Enormous Teddy Roosevelt Head Guy is pure creepiness. Look at that grin. He wants to eat you for breakfast.


Steven found him hilarious.


It got prettier in the ballpark as the sun went down. There's just something about that green grass under the bright lights -- it feels like Summer is Here.


After the game, we were Metro champs and rocked the first train out of Navy Yard.


Steven would like you to see that he is a seasoned Metro veteran. He has perfected the "don't bother me you other crazy people on the Metro" face. I was impressed. (People still bothered us. We attract the crazy.)


In fact, the guy in the reflection started telling us jokes. On the Metro. For no reason.

Ah, the Nation's Capital. My home sweet home.


Random aside: I found out today that I passed the Maryland Bar Exam! Yippee! Here are the results, just to prove it to you. I'm Seat Number 0092.

Go me! No more bar exams ever again! The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is tomorrow, and to celebrate, I intend to purchase my weight in yarn. And funnel cakes. (Which will then make me weigh more, which will then mean I can buy MORE yarn.... and then more funnel cakes....) :)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Heather! So sweet of you to mention your success with the Maryland Bar Examine after all the rah rah over the start of baseball season and the new ballpark and the paperdoll. One might have almost missed those still quiet words of great impact! Steven looks absolutely "happy" in the pictures! Here's a hug from Us (!)
Love You Both,
Mom Steele