Sunday, May 11, 2008


So Steven and I don't get to order pizza much anymore, since our apartment complex is essentially Fort Knox, and the pizza delivery man can't get in or out without a swipe card. Having gone a few months without a good delivery-pizza, we decided yesterday that we really wanted a good cheese-in-the-crust Pizza Hut pizza.

There's a Pizza Hut nearby, so we hopped in the car and drove over there to pick up a pizza for dinner. The Pizza Hut is located in sort-of a junky little shopping center, but its not really a bad part of town or anything -- its just a little unkempt. (Or so I thought... anyway, read on.)

We ordered our pizza, and when they told us it would be about 15 minutes, we decided to wander down the shopping center to visit the little bakery next door, called "Hot Breads." Given my recent sourdough attempts, I wanted to see if the professionals were doing something different. We went in the bakery and realized that it was more of an Indian-breads type place, and they didn't have any sourdough breads to look at.

We wandered back out of the bakery and walked down the length of the shopping center. There was a sushi place, a carpet store, and then a place called "MVC Video." The windows of the video store were painted black, and we figured it was just some random video rental place with a bunch of old VHS videos, with most of the videos in Spanish or something. We weren't even sure the place was open, given that the windows were blacked out.

Steven says to me, "I dare you to go in there." And of course, I am never one to back down from a challenge, so I grabbed the front door and swung it open confidently. There was a man at the front counter, and he turned around so fast to look at me that I thought he might have a heart attack.

I wondered for an instant why he gave me such a strange look, but I continued to walk confidently into the store. I walked toward the movie racks and I got about two steps down the aisle when I realized that the movies on that particular shelf were . . . well, let's just say there was way too much skin on display, and they were not appropriate to be sitting out on a shelf in the front of the store. I gasped, then thought to myself, "Why would they have the adult movies right here in the front?"

And then I turned around and saw the other shelf. And the other shelf. And all the shelves. And then I realized...

Oh. My. Word. Aaaacckk!

We had stumbled into something truly horrible. Oh my WORD. I was beyond grossed out. I turned around and looked at Steven, who was making the same realization right then, and we practically tripped over each other as we sprinted out of the store.


No wonder the guy at the counter had given me such a funny look. Ugh. Embarrassing doesn't even begin to describe it.

Don't they have zoning laws or something that would prevent a poor unsuspecting couple from walking in the door of this place?

Good lord.

For future reference, if you are ever in the Fairfax area, you may want to avoid this shopping center in general, and MVC Late Night Video in particular:


Wow. It was hilarious and terrible, all at the same time. I am totally scarred now and I will probably never go back to that shopping center again.


In other less awkward news, we found a really great house! Steven found it, actually, and he took us to go visit it today.


Isn't it SO CUTE?

Its perfect. Four bedroom, three bath, finished basement. I want to buy it tomorrow and live in it forever. Except for that we haven't done the whole mortgage qualifying thing yet, and also our lease on this apartment isn't up anytime soon.

But who cares! Look, here's the back!


And its on a corner lot, too!


I haven't seen the inside yet, but I've seen pictures and the pictures shouted things like Hardwood Floors! and Stainless Steel! and Gas Stove!

I am mentally moving in already.

Also, there is a very cute gardening place nearby. Bonus! This was the best picture I got as Steven zoomed past. :)


After our house-shopping adventure, we called our dear mums and wished them both a very Happy Mothers' Day! Presents were mailed in a (somewhat) timely fashion -- we hope you enjoy them, Moms! We love you both very much!

The rest of today has been rainy and cold. But that's ok, because my green beans are loving every drop.


(Yes. That is yarn tied to the container. I am hoping the beans will grow up the strand of yarn and attach to the porch railing. Stop laughing -- its what I had on-hand.)

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The Mulvihills said...

Ok, Heather! I am a spaz! I just found your email from last week...hope you got the info you needed!

That house looks super nice! Buy it!