Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My tomatoes are officially all caged up.


To those professional gardeners reading, am I doing this right? Is two-cages-per-container a ridiculous idea?


I know this seems silly, but I really can't imagine the plants getting big enough to need to be caged. I suppose this shows my inexperience as a gardener, but are they really going to get any bigger than this?



I started a little raglan t-shirt design with the yarn I bought from MDSW.


It was originally supposed to become a Baby Surprise Jacket, but (a) I have 574 yards of this stuff and the BSJ only requires 100-ish yards, and (b) as I was so wisely counseled, its "too pretty to be spit up on." :)


I totally agree. Except its also too pretty of a color to photograph properly.


It looks much less like barf, I promise.

I also used my Barnes and Noble gift cards from Christmas (and its only MAY!) to buy a new book! (Thanks Jon and Mandy!)


Here's hoping that this will teach me how to make bread that won't kill anyone. :)

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