Thursday, May 22, 2008


Its been raining like crazy here.


My green beans love rain.


This little guy below, however, not so much. He's been refusing to go on walks in the mornings if the rain is too strong.



A package for me arrived recently, with my Webs order.


Debbie Bliss Rialto DK, in the Stone colorway.


I also got myself a new needle from Nature's Yarns.


It will eventually be this: (I didn't make this one -- its just an example I found.)


But for now its 10 cm of delicious plain k1, p1. I heart it.


Extra! Extra! We saw the new Indiana Jones movie tonight, and suffice to say, it was fantastic! Everything I hoped for and even a bit more! :) Full write-up to follow, along with plenty o' spoilers (you have been warned, people...) but first I have to make sure the rest of my immediate family has at least been given a fair chance to see the movie first. :)

Indy! Yay!

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tracy said...

I loved Indy as well. :) As I was walking out of the theater, though, a bunch of teenage boys were trashing it, saying "I can't believe how horrible that dialogue was." Did they not see "Temple of Doom?" Hello! It's not a Merchant Ivory film, it's Indiana Jones. Oh well. Damn teenagers! I stand by my opinion: it was awesome!!