Friday, May 2, 2008

Quite Contrary

How does my garden grow? Well, it sure doesn't do so in a noticeable way. We bought these plants last weekend from our local Lowe's, and I put them in the pots on Tuesday morning. It is now Friday, and my plants have not grown one single inch. Or centimeter. Or any measurable amount whatsoever.


Why am I distraught about this, you ask? Why would I be obsessively checking my tomatoes for signs of growth? No reason, really. Its just that Steven mentioned when we bought the plants that he is a better gardener than I am. Which, being the Type A personality that I am, I considered to be an invitation to duel. A plant-growing duel, in which Steven's Blue Lake Beans are pitted against my Porch Tomatoes. Biggest, bestest (fastest growing and producing) plant wins.

Steven's beans were purchased at a taller height than my tomatoes, but that's ok, because my planter is taller. I think I'm still winning. Somehow.

I have consulted the collective wisdom of those who have gardened before me (read: my mother-in-law who I think may have been born with a green thumb!), and the collective wisdom said I miiiiight have put a few-too-many tomato plants in my tomato pot.


Three hefty tomato plants in an 18 inch diameter pot is too many? Surely you jest. Now that I look at them, they do look a wee bit crowded. Especially when you consider that I added two more plants to that pot on Wednesday afternoon, for a total of five plants in that single pot. My competitive nature is nothing if not overkill.


Ah, whatever. This is all part of my grand gardening science experiment. As I told Steven when we bought the plants: "This could, quite possibly, all turn out to be an enormous gory plant massacre on our porch." Lovely.


For now, I am just kind of piddling around with them. Which basically means I am drowning them with water every morning at around 7 AM, and then checking on them when I come home from work in the evening. They still look kinda wet tonight, so I think we might skip the watering tomorrow. (Or maybe we'll just skip the water on Steven's plants. Ha!) My methods for planting, watering, and general plant maintenance are not based on any knowledge about gardening whatsoever, because I think the best way to branch into a new hobby is to just jump right in, headfirst and clueless.


I like to call it Spontaneous Gardening. I really think its catching on.

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The Mulvihills said...

This is great! Those plants are going to be HUGE in a few months! I think you could get away with even just having one tomato plant in that pot. You're going to need some tomato cages, also! I'm excited to hear how they turn out!