Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Kudos to my very sweet (if a wee bit cheesy) hubby for the last entry. He sure does love me. I am a lucky girl. :)

So here's what's going on with us tonight -- SUPER TUESDAY!

Both of our home states made appearances on the Fabulous News Network.

Here's the ATL:

And here's Minnesooota (don't read the words below, just look at the picture. Oh, and try not to be blinded by the enormous crazy that is Bill Hemmer):

Here's our Super Tuesday correspondent, crunching the political numbers:


And here's my pick for the GOP ticket. Except reverse it.


Although I may research Romney a bit more, since my family seems to be giving him more credit than I've given him. I think its his suits. He's too coiffed.

Maybe if I could see him in a sweatshirt or something.... yeah.... maybe standing by a station wagon or something....

Oh. Yeah.


And now a favorite line from American Idol from tonight:

Singer: "Was I really that bad?"
Simon: "My pen has more charisma. It's a no."

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

1. Station wagons are phenomenal
2. I can't stand John McCain
3. American idol is great