Monday, February 4, 2008

Early Valentine's - Giving Credit Where Credit is Due.

I once heard a male coworker of mine say something like this: "My Wife says that Valentine's Day this year is no big deal, because we celebrate our love for each other every day."

Trust me gentlemen.

This is not true.

Even IF your significant other makes this type of statement to you - It does not excuse a gift, card, hand-written love note, or chocolate candies on the big V Day.

Now saying this, I should tell you that my beautiful wife has never demanded anything for Valentines Day. I attribute this fine quality to the fact that for the past 7 years of our relationship, Heather has always been filling her schedule to the brim - with undergrad schooling, working at the television station, serving tables, law school, bar exams, knitting, etc - so that the minor details of Valentines Day has really no significance - because she has so much more stuff going on.

This year is no change.

Heather continues to be the hardest working person I have ever met. Even though I get up way before her (I had to throw that in - sorry :-) )

Her day goes something like this -
7:00am Wake up - take the dogs out for a walk/go to the gym, prep food for dinner, shower, start a load of laundry, clean the kitchen, leave for work.

8:30a - 6:45/7pm - Work all day at the law firm, travel to different courts, prep documents, talk to clients, answer emails, pick up lunch for the firm, answer countless legal questions from spouse about employment law, direct the law clerks as to what they SHOULD be doing, help any family members who have questions about legal issues,...etc

7:30pm - Arrive back at our apartment, and serve the dinner that she prepared 12 hours prior.

8:00 - 10:00pm - Furiously studies for the Maryland Bar exam by taking a crazy amount of notes, reading books that killed half of the rain forest just to be printed, prepping for court the next day, and more than likely bathes the dogs or folds the laundry from the morning.

10:00 - 11:00pm - This is usually the time where Heather will post a blog, knit a sock, or surf the web. And after a good bit of this I always say "Heather! Time for bed!"

And then it all starts over again the next morning.

Its not that Heather is working any harder right now then she did 7 years ago - she just manages to always find activities that fill up 100% of her day. If you asked her about this crazy schedule, she would probably just laugh and tell you that its not that bad or give you some kind of rational to justify it (Its just temporary, things will slow down after the bar exam - etc).

What I'm getting to, is that all men should be extremely grateful for their wives and I am especially grateful for mine! Once married couple get in a set routine, it can be so easy to forget the many wonderful things that your spouse is doing for you. This year, I thought I would let everyone know how much I appreciate Heather, how much she does for our little family, and how much she means to me.

Even if she was still serving those tables back in Lynchburg and had decided not to go to law school - I would love her just the same. I know its early, but take some time to really think on everything your wife/husband does for you. I would bet that if you thought long enough - your list would be filled with things.

What a blessing it is to have such a fantastic friend and partner.


I love you Heather! Keep up the good work - your hard work is surely paying off.



Erica said...

Steven, its 8am and I'm all weepy now!!!

this is just so sweet. Heather is a WONDERFUL woman, and I feel incredibly lucky to have her in my life too!

laura (knittinkitties) said...

i don't know you steven and to be honest, i don't know heather (we met through ravelry) but it was such a sweet entry you wrote about your honey!!! you guys are lucky to have each other :-)

tracy said...

That was so sweet, Steven. I am all choked up.