Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It's over! (Again!) I made the mistake of mentioning to my fellow Maryland-Bar-Takers that this would be my second bar exam in nine months. They looked at me like I'd just told them I'd eaten my Scantron.

Clearly I should adjust the portion of my brain that evaluates the sanity level of a given situation. But wait! No need! Why?

Beeeeeeeecaaaaaaaaause its ooooooooooooover! At least until May 2, 2008, which is the Target Date provided by our Dear Bar Examiners for when they will attempt to have our exams graded-and-posted. Maryland posts its bar results with a little more modesty than Virginia -- Maryland results are posted by your seat number instead of by your name, so the entire world does not instantaneously know whether you have passed or failed upon that final, fateful click of the "refresh" button.

So! Who wants to see what taking a bar exam looks like? (I took a minimal amount of pictures, because something deep and superstitious tells me that if you walk around acting like a photog instead of a studious bar examinee, the universe will notice this and will not deal kindly with you.)

Here's the chair where I spent my final study moments on Monday night:

It was comfy. (That is not my Newsweek. Michelle Obama can't hold a candle to the Conviser Review Book.)

Here's a husband, hard-at-work:

He had originally planned to come with me to the bar exam, as he did for the Virginia exam, to make sure that I was properly fed and sheltered. (Believe me, you can forget to feed yourself during all of this, if someone's not there watching out for you.) But then his work realized that Wouldn't-This-Be-A-Perfect-Time-To-Send-Steven-To-Visit-The-Baltimore-Stores-And-Have-Meetings-About-Payroll-And-HR? So while I was bar examining, Steven was traveling all over Baltimore, meeting with people, handing out paperwork, and generally just being a brilliant multitasker. I wasn't allowed to bring my cell phone into the exam with me, so we were concerned about how we would find each other for lunch on the first day, and I made up my mind that I'd just have to call his cell phone somehow -- long distance payphone, collect call, whatever. When the first half of the essay day ended, I burst out the doors and headed straight for the bank of payphones, when I heard someone say, "Hey Heather!"

And there he was, with a lunch already bought from our hotel's little cafe - fruit, cranberry juice, a turkey pita... Seriously people. Steven totally rocks.

The hotel we stayed in was really nice, but right outside our window, things seemed a little skeevy. See the shady-looking people congregating outside the liquor store?


Yes, we saw them too. Time for room service.


(With tiny bottles of ketchup!)


It was the best (and only) room service I've ever had.

So, I sat here on Monday night and studied till I was blue in the face:

Then took the essay portion of the exam on Tuesday and the multiple choice portion today. And its over. Again. I feel just as numb as I did after the Virginia exam was over. It takes a week or so before you really start to realize that you can just SIT THERE after work is over and you don't have to pick up flashcards or make outlines or do anything other than watch Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell make weird fashion jokes to each other.

I have fantastic and fabulous plans for these new delicious eons of free time, which plans may or may not include crayons, graph paper, log cabins, and certainly a little yarn purchasing. I also have a big stack-o-non-legal-books to read. More on that later.

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Sean said...

why am I only now discovering that you have a blog? And congrats - I have NO doubt you passed the MD bar too.