Saturday, February 2, 2008

Checking In and a Redux

I am pleased to report progress, albeit small. I have now completed all of the Agency/Partnership essay questions and 4 of the Maryland Civil Procedure essay questions. Next up will be some MBE practice Q's -- if I'm feeling lucky, I might even take a jab at one of the MPT writing assignments. Maybe.

In the Pork Roast Saga, Part Two, I have a freshly purchased and properly refrigerated roast now sizzling in the Crock Pot. I thought it best to make my second attempt on a day when I can keep an eye on it, instead of pushing my luck and trying another 10-hour stint on a work day. As of now, it smells delicious, and it should be ready in about 2.5 hours.

Here's a peek:

Could the experts among you inform me as to whether this is what it's supposed to look like at t-minus one hour in?

Also, if the redux roast doesn't work out, at least I bought some snobby potato rolls to make up for it.


(They're making me a little insecure... the nicest dinners? What about just an okay late lunch on a random Saturday? I fear I may not be measuring up...)


Poor Steven is sick this weekend -- he came home from work early yesterday and had flu symptoms. I walked in the door last night and he had the heat cranked up to 75 degrees, wool socks and a sweatshirt on, and he was still shivering.

Remedies are being administered. These remedies are for Steven.


And these remedies are for me, so I can survive having a sick husband.


(Why, yes, the Surgeon General does recommend chocolate intake with almonds for all women studying for bar exams with husbands who have the flu, thank you for asking!)

He's sleeping now. We had a social event to attend tonight (his coworker's birthday party) but we might stay home, pending how he wakes up and feels.


The pups are enjoying my studying a little too much, I think. It's difficult to get anything done while you are part of a Yorkie sandwich. Steven took this picture earlier in the week (before the flu):


I guess this means I am truly loved. (Its either true love or my dogs are seriously co-dependant.)


Although I had to reprimand Pringles earlier for incessant barking at people walking in the hallway, so now he's mad at me.


I had to go to the courthouse TWICE yesterday - once to appear and nonsuit a single case (which is what you get to do when you are at the bottom of the totem pole), and once AGAIN to deliver some pleadings for filing. I figured I should probably make use of the second trip to the courthouse, and since I was there between 2 and 3 PM, guess what I finally got?


That's right, folks, its a get-out-of-standing-in-the-security-line-free-card! (And that is one mighty unflattering picture, if I do say so myself. Enormo-forehead, anyone?)

And now back to my scribblings. (I believe this one was an essay question about a car wreck. The bar exam has made me a true artist. Extra points if you can tell where the wreck(s) occurred...)


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