Saturday, February 9, 2008

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


Whoever made up that saying must have owned small dogs. It is a blissful moment when they both decide to sleep simultaneously. Pictureworthy, even.


But it doesn't last long.


(Especially when mommy keeps taking flash pictures of the sleeping dogs. Oops.)

As for me, I've been making some check marks (and even more x's) in my practice question book.


If you feel like you've seen this picture before, you have.


But believe me, no one hates the sight of these books more than me right now. (Just thought I'd share a little of the pain with you and keep showing you the same obnoxious pictures of bar review books.)

Clearly, I am about to crack. Want to see what desperation looks like?


Luckily, I have Captain Cool-Calm-And-Under-Control at the wheel.


I make him promise me impossible things to keep studying -- like a lifetime supply of Ben & Jerry's, or more yarn than we could fit in our apartment, or a month's vacation in Italy.

Oooh, or my favorite one -- never having to take another bar exam. Ever ever ever.

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