Sunday, February 3, 2008

But I got tickets to the Superbowl, Jesus!

My dogged persistence has finally paid off.


Mark this down in the record books: Steven even asked for seconds.


And no, we did not have tickets to the Superbowl. However, this is painfully funny. And strangely appropriate for tonight, given all the hilarious commercials and what-not.

Bar Exam update: I have finally done some multiple choice questions - 25 in each subject (which is 150 total - there are 6 subjects). Having done these questions, I learned the following: I am terrible at Constitutional Law and Real Property. However, I am not half bad at Evidence and Torts. Contracts and Crim Law remain steadfastly mediocre.

I think I'm done outlining. My time from here on out will be spent doing essays and more multiple choice questions. And possibly freaking out. On occasion.

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