Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Second Annual Arlington Turkey Trot 5K

Last year, Steven and I ran the "First Annual" Arlington Turkey Trot. (It was our first time running this race. I think the race itself has been going on for three or four years now.)

We've decided to make it a tradition (although you can clearly see I have not bought myself any new running clothes in the past year. Yes. I am very cheap.)

Steven had to sit out this year's race because of a sports injury, so Jenny and I represented the family in the "Second Annual" Turkey Trot this year!


We trained dutifully, and as the race started, we got ourselves into a good pace. It was really fun to have our photog-husbands on the sidelines to capture the action.


Guess who else was running the race? That's right, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, along with various elves, and I think I even saw a Gingerbread Man.


It was really foggy that morning, but it wasn't as cold as last year's race. I think there were about 2,000 participants this year.


I think this was around Mile One. Jenny and I grinned like this through the whole race.


Here's the finish line, and you can see the timing clock.


And here's the guy that won. I think his time was somewhere around 15:30, which is just obscenely fast.


And here we come, down the final hill to the big finish! We spotted Steven and Josh in the crowd and picked up our pace even faster.


Our goal was to finish in under 40 minutes. "Jenny! Look at the clock! We did it!"


Kicking in to the finish line....!


I think I am screaming "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" right here.


Um, we pretty much rule. Girl power!


The race gives out these neat timing chips that you tie onto your shoe, so that it can track your exact time. (We got started about a minute after the first runners, so our actual time was even faster than the clock showed at the finish line. Our official time? 35:27. We ROCKED it.


After the race, we took our obligatory photo with Santa.


(Jenny read his info at the bottom of his race number, and it said "Male, 29, Arlington." Now we know where Santa lives. And he's surprisingly younger than I thought he was...)

To reward ourselves for such a successful race, we hit the bagels-and-bananas table.


We had a total blast running it. I have a feeling we'll be doing this again some day.


After all, Jenny is officially a certified road-race runner now. :) 10K, anyone?

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Tori said...

how do you run while wearing glasses? they would drive me crazy!