Monday, November 16, 2009

And You Thought We Were Done Painting

When we first moved into our house in December of last year, our basement had circus stripes.


Crazy, orange-and-yellow, makes-you-squint circus stripes.


And back when we moved in, we figured it would take us a good solid year to get the whole house painted.

I am pleased to report that we are (barely) ahead of schedule.


And we're really getting this whole painting thing down to a science. Steven does the roller on the walls, and I follow behind him to paint the borders. (We hired a guy to do the trim and the ceilings. It was either that or build a Sistine Ceiling scaffolding and paint the ceilings ourselves. And Michelangelo we are not.)


So now, instead of an insane circus, we have what seems to resemble a livable basement now. Albeit, no furniture, but we could sit comfortably on the floor and not go cross-eyed looking at the walls.


And I find that to be quite an improvement.


Its just in time, too, because we have the masses of family descending upon our home for the holidays (we are hosting BOTH Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!), so this basement will give us ample room to let the little kids run around without fear of knocking anything over or falling on the hard floors.

And now I'm off to finalize the holiday menus!


Becky said...

I love that color! The first house Eric and I shared was that color and I wish I could have taken it with us:)

Mom said...

AWESOME Basement! I love what you've done with the color....

Great Job, HR and Steven! Can't wait to come visit you.


Matt Huff said...

Quite the rock out space for SRV-Steele.

Erica said...

I think we should get you a Wii and I'll come over and play Rockband down there. It looks awesome! Good job!