Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hey, Who Put That There?

It feels really strange to have a high chair in my kitchen.


I keep walking around the corner, seeing it, and doing a double take. "Wait a second, what is that?!" I borrowed it from a friend at work, because Steven's family is coming to town today (including our two young nephews) to spend Thanksgiving week with us, and I realized about three or four days ago that I have zero baby stuff. Not a pacifier, not a stuffed animal, not a baby blanket, wipe, diaper, high chair, stroller, play pen, nothing.

Luckily they are bringing most of the baby paraphernalia with them, but I did manage to commandeer a high chair and a stroller. Hence why there is a rogue high chair in my kitchen that keeps catching me by surprise.

I am super excited to have family visit. I've made a big meal plan for the week, complete with a (very Southern) Thanksgiving Day meal. You can tell its Southern because its basically a turkey and then a bunch of casseroles. Steven and I spent a solid half-hour standing in Target hemming and hawing over the kids' toys, trying to pick out the correct "Lightning McQueen" for our older nephew, Jay. (And I'm still not convinced that he doesn't already have this one...)

The impending descent of many family members has also been very motivating for me to clean up the rest of the house. I am up early and ready to clean like there's no tomorrow... except maybe just after I write this blog and have another cup of coffee, and oh look, the Williams Sonoma catalog came in the mail!



We found these really neat coffee mugs on clearance at World Market. They say "Florence" in Italian, and on the other side, they say "Hotel Palazzo Vecchio" which is very close to where we stayed. So we bought two of them. Best part? They hold practically a gallon of coffee.

And now I will go drink that gallon of coffee. And then I will do the dishes and finish the laundry. Yes, I will. Maybe. In a minute or two. :)

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