Thursday, November 12, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

So, I'm in need of some opinions.


How do we feel about this color? Pattern? The psychological ramifications of doing anything other than stuffing our paychecks into our mattress and refusing to spend a dime until 2013?


I know, I know. I'm so torn. On one hand, I would really like to have granite countertops. It would add value to the house and its probably the cheapest and best deal we'll be able to get for granite, since the seller is bending over backwards to get people to buy countertops right now.


But, on the other hand, my raisin half thinks it would be highly illogical when we could really just save for a rainy day instead. And its been rainy a lot here lately.


And so, I sit and look at this little slab on my countertop, and I ponder and hem and haw, and the guy from the granite place calls and I can just hear him rolling his eyes on the phone when I say (again) that I'm "still thinking about it."

But its true. I am still thinking about it. And thinking, and thinking, and thinking.

So what do you think?


Daniel Jay said...

I think granite countertops are beautiful and everything I read says they are an investment and increase the value of the home. With the bad economy, I'm betting that the greatest deals can be had during the low cycle of the curve. I think if you really want it now would be a good time to purchase. The ideal, like stocks is "buy low, sell high".

Samantha said...

It's beautiful. You spend so much time in the kitchen...Go for it! IMHO, I think it also needs to go on your island.

Marci said...

Is that Baltic Brown? It's one of my favorites! I love that pattern & I love granite . . . if you can afford the upgrade, do it! But if you would go into debt to do it, don't!! There will always be someone somewhere who knows somebody who could get you a deal.

Kim (from your Mom's office) said...

Granite is worth the cost - you'll get it back when you sell. Check out a color at Home Depot called Uba Tuba - pretty easy to find. It's a bit darker than what you have here but I think will still go nicely with your house. Try to avoid something too light - it will all camouflage itself into a sea of "tan".

Kim said...

Also check out a color called Black Galaxy. You can definitely pull it off w/ your light walls & white cabinets. Black Galaxy is just that - black w/ flecks of copper in it. I think it would be stunning in your home.

The Mulvihills said...

What is appealing about granite is that it is so bright and shiny--like jewelry for your kitchen! That color in particular goes great with your wall colors and blends nicely with the white cabinetry. We have researched granite for our kitchen, but have put it on hold twice because new countertops means purchasing a new sink, garbage disposal and backsplash as well. So you should consider those factors when looking at costs.

I think it would be great with your island. A butcherblock work space is standard in a chef's kitchen!

Either way, Heather, your house looks fab!

RJF - STORIES said...

wow its beautiful! i really like it