Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Which I Am Delightfully Inconsistent

Thanks everybody for the responses. Apparently I just needed send a little vitriol out into the world. I feel much better now. And in fact, I was tempted to post a status update this morning about an unintended benefit of my new commute: I've learned how to say "used tires" in Spanish. ("Llantas Usadas!") So I have a feeling I'll be back haunting Facebook before you know it.

And Daniel Jay, can I just tell you that I am STILL cracking up at your magnifying mirror. :) Hilarious.

And, of course, the blog isn't going anywhere. I think I'll always need an outlet in which to organize all my varied and sundry interests, you know.

Like the knitting. We haven't seen much of it lately, and that's been partially because my hands have been busy typing things like "demurrer" and "admission" and "objection, not reasonably calculated to lead to discoverable evidence" and the like.

But, since Marci has been gracious enough to keep reading the blog and not once nagging one tiny bit about the sweater I owe her, I figured I'd give you all a sneak peek.


Hey hey! Bet you thought I'd forgotten about it! Turns out I'm just reeeeeeeeally slow at this whole stitch-by-stitch construction-of-clothing thing. :) Tell that kid to stop growing for a few months, ok?


And just to round out the random, I made pumpkin pancakes this past weekend:


And verily verily, they were delicious. This setting is one of my favorite moments of each day.


Thanks be to Mom Huff for sending us the delicious pancake mix. Breakfast totally rules.

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Marci said...

I love it!! So beautiful! I picked a good color! Thanks for the sneak peak!