Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Radish Report Card

About 4 weeks ago, I planted some radish seeds. Just for fun, since I'd never really tasted a radish outside of the thinly-sliced and rather bland ones found in the premixed fast-food restaurant salads. But what the hey. Its my dirt, right? I can grow anything I want, which includes foods I could potentially dislike.

Turns out, radishes grow like gangbusters! From the above-ground growth, you would have thought the radishes underneath were fist-sized. The stalks they grew were huge.


I read reports that radishes are supposed to be finished growing in 3-4 weeks, so in the fourth week, I decided to have a Radish Harvest.

And the results were not exactly what I expected. I have assigned grades to this graduating class of radishes, and as you will plainly see in the next few pictures, there is apparently a Radish Bell Curve of some sort going on in the garden.

Radishes, Class of '09

Our first group are the honor roll students, but unfortunately I am still only giving them an A-minus... (The salutatorian is looking a little shrimpy.)


These guys are somewhere in the B range. Not too terrible, but also not quite radish-shaped. More like radish tubes. Radish cylinders.


We start to see them go a little crooked in the C-plus group...


And this guy never showed up to class and gave the teacher lip, so he was kicked out of radish school for insubordinate behavior.


A good scrubdown and some slicing and dicing (and some googling to figure out how people are supposed to eat these things), and I decided to try my first (non-McDonalds) radish with a little goat cheese and some chopped up chives (also from the herb garden because yay, I grew some chives too!).


Pretty to look at, and rather peppery to eat. Overall, though? Not half bad. I planted two more rows of radishes that same day, so hopefully we can harvest them before it gets too hot this summer. We've had a rash of thunderstorms lately which has kept things cool, and that has resulted in a lettuce bounty.


I bought me a nice big container of Kraft Ranch Dressing to slather all over this stuff. Because nothing says classy city girl like a delicate mixed-greens salad drowning in ranch dressing. Pass me them napkins, ya'll.

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ms.debbie said...

Good job! It's fun to plant new things. With most seedlings, you will want to thin the group to allow those that remain space to grow big and strong. I once tried carrots with the same result as yours. You can try a second crop in the Fall.