Thursday, June 4, 2009

Food and Family

One of the most fun things about blogging is that you can bend the time/space continuum and nobody knows. For example, I can send you back to Minnesota for this post, making it look like we went twice recently. Rest assured, we aren't in MN now -- I just had some extra stuff to post from our trip in early May.

After spending the first few days in Minnesota purposefully doing nothing more than Lift-Coffee-Mug-To-Face-And-Repeat (as pictured below), I figured I should probably do something a bit more helpful.


So for our Sunday brunch, I was assigned the position of Head Person In Charge Of Chopping Up Stuff. And ergo, I sliced and diced cucumbers and tomatoes to my heart's content.


Yay. Repetitive tasks are so relaxing. I rank them very high on the zen-o-meter.


Also very relaxing? Filling separate bowls with individual salad ingredients. Very Barefoot Contessa. (I so love her. In fact, I aspire to someday be both barefoot and a contessa.)


See? Isn't it pretty? (In the picture below, under the sunglasses, is a Sunday School gift from Jay to Jenny. Its a Precious Moments coloring book picture, which reminded me of my youth. I'd know those teardrop-shaped eyes and enormous foreheads anywhere.)


Steven really enjoyed hanging out with Jay during our trip. They were best buds. I think I may have even seen Steven trying to teach Jay the two-seam fastball grip at one point...


One of my favorite parts of any family get-togethers, with the Steeles and with the Huffs, is time around the dinner table. Its the place where the best conversations always happen. The combination of food and family just seems to elicit great things.


See what I mean?

The Steele Family

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