Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Almost forgot to show you what I got for my birthday!

I opened presents on Friday night, because I just couldn't wait any longer. It wasnt even the right month, and yet there I was, tearing through wrapping paper like a five year old hopped up on a secret Christmas Eve stocking dive for Skittles.


First up, from the hubby: A (probably 10-lb.) wooden cutting board!


And to go along with the cutting board? Medieval torture instruments!

Oh wait. These are for gardening? Oh. Right.

And from my Mom: a rotary cheese grater and a "Garden Party" t-shirt!


I was so busy figuring out my new cheese grater that I forgot I was still holding the shirt up after the initial picture. Such a dweeb, I am.


Thanks for a fantastic (O-M-G-I-am-perilously-close-to-being-thirty) birthday, everybody -- I really enjoyed it! (Now, where are my spectacles and my granny shawl?)

1 comment:

Mom said...

Thanks for taking these pics. You look very happy with your birthday gifts.

You bless me, HR.
Love You.