Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can you Identify Me?

I am a skinny, sickly little tree in the backyard.


I started to grow these little flowerbuds recently.


Steven thinks I might be a fruit tree.


And then the flowerbuds opened a few days later to look like little bells.


What the heck am I? (Heather is hoping for lemons maybe?)


Becky said...


Mom said...

Japanese Snowbell Tree?

Styrax Japonicus
The Japanese Snowbell is a medium-sized ornamental tree that is much in demand. It has fragrant small white bell-shaped flowers in early Summer, and beautiful yellow Fall color. The Japanese Snowbell likes full or partial sun, and is acid soil tolerant.

We deliver and plant trees throughout Washington: Seattle, Bellevue, Bellingham, Vancouver (WA), east-of-the-mountains, etc. Contact us for free estimates: or (425) 343-2650.

This tree is on the Great Plant Picks list for the Pacific Northwest.

Foliage: Deciduous

Mature Height: Up to 25 ft.

Mature Width: Up to 20 ft.

Growth Rate: Medium

Sunlight: Full Sun; Partial Sun

Soil:. Thrives in acid soil, loamy soil. Won't tolerate dry heat well.

Comments: White bell-shaped flowers in Spring are very fragrant--plant near a window or patio. Beautiful planted against a background of larger, darker evergreen trees.

Prices & Availability
Caliper Height Price

1.0” 5-6’ $105

1.25” 5-6' $125

1.5” 6-7' $155

2.0” 7-8' $185

2.5” 8-9' $215

3.0” 8-9' $235