Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some More Before And After

So we have this couch. Actually a green loveseat and sleeper sofa set. And we bought it a few years ago so we'd have someplace for relatives to sleep when they came into town.

When we bought it, I was very excited to throw away our prior couch, which we'd bought from the Goodwill in 2003 and was probably some shade of white in 1965 but had gathered enough grime from years of use that it had faded to a dull grayish cream color. (Shown here in a nice little throwback photo from 2004 in Arlington, where we hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for 7 in our 400 square foot apartment. With that one blasted couch. And some folding chairs. Maybe this is where my "I-need-more-seating!" issues stem from . . .)

See the white on both sides of the photo? I was standing in the back of the farthest hallway to take this picture. I am not kidding when I say this apartment was SMALL.

Needless to say, I was thrilled with our "new delightful green sleeper sofa!" Oh, how it filled up the room with seating for at least 5 people, six if you really squished!

That was in 2006. And our little green sleeper sofa-and-matching-loveseat has travelled from apartment, to apartment, to apartment . . . (and that sleeper sofa is heavy). But somehow, when we got to our house and positioned the sofa just right, we realized something.


Um, we must have lived in the world's tiniest apartments. Wow.

And fast forward a few weeks, when we realized it was probably time for a step up in the world o'furniture. It got delivered on Saturday, just in time for the first round of family visits later this month.

And Oh. Oh my goodness. I love it.


As with my green-sleeper-sofa-crush-of-2006, I am again completely smitten by the item whose sole purpose is to cushion my rear end as I watch TV.


Best part of all? None of my family members will have to sprawl out on the bare floor when they come to visit.


Unless they want to. And that's fine too. Mi casa su casa.


Jaimy and Bret said...

Heather! It looks AWESOME! :) Yay for Furniture!

Ms. Debbie said...

Beautiful! Perfect fit

Mom said...

Love your new furniture! Can't wait to see you very soon.
Love always!