Thursday, June 11, 2009

Harbinger of (Cute & Fuzzy) Doom

I have found the evil garden destroyer.


And he wields his cuteness as his power. (And his enormous teeth.) Steven says he (the rabbit) growled at him (Steven, the grown man). I doubt this. And yet, I hesitate to approach this growling fearmonger. If he can do that kind of damage to my bean plants, imagine how he could gnaw away on my arm.


I will foil you yet, you wascaly little ..... oh, nevermind. Ever heard of Tabasco sauce? Cause those leaves you're chewing are going to be dripping with it, real soon.

By the way, there are people out there who would carry around your amputated paw for luck. You have much to fear, evil bunny. Best stick to the dandelion greens from now on.

Or else.


Erica said...

He's got nasty, big, pointy teeth! So terrifying, he'd make Sir Robin soil his armor!

You should import some foxes. They've taken our bunnies right out of existence.

The Mulvihills said...

Do you remember Fleet Farm? They sell animal-safe rabbit cages there! You could trap your little Thumper and then set him free in a near by forest if you need a remedy!