Saturday, January 31, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Okay. I am officially enlisting your help. This is a very important issue, and I expect all of you to exercise your constitutional right to vote on this crucial referendum:

Do we want to go with "Taupestone" (on left) or "Wild Oats" (on right)?


I know. I totally can't decide. The current carpet is white, which is absolutely not an option for us. Its a matter of -- how dark do we want the new carpet to be? Wild Oats (on the lower stair) is darker and more of a golden-brown, while Taupestone (on the higher stair) is more of a grayish neutral tan.


The part that's making this so difficult is how different they look with my different paint colors. Here's the tan in the hallway and staircase (Behr's Pecan Sandie), with Wild Oats on the left this time, and Taupestone on the right.


And here's the upstairs master bedroom color. The carpet choices look so different against this paint -- don't you think?


Steven likes the Wild Oats color, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to buy carpet in that dark of a shade. (It would, however, do an excellent job hiding stains...)

Since you've been with us for the entire painting excursion, here's a glimpse of the finished product. Here's the sitting room: (Remember it used to be pink?)


And here's the dining room. (And no, we still haven't bought any furniture.) Hence, this is what we do with a house full of empty rooms.


I also have to report that our faithful Mac Powerbook has finally bit the dust. Its making a clicking sound, which makes me very sad, because it contains all of our pre-2007 photos, videos, and music. However, there was not much time for grief, because tonight we headed out to the mall...

And made a MasterCard commercial.

Boots on clearance: $40


Buttering up your wife so you can get a new MacBook: Priceless.


This is a clever man, people. A very clever man. :)



Erica said...

taupestone is my vote!

The Mulvihills said...

Taupestone here. I think that in the long run it will be more versatile with paint colors, while still being dark enough to hide dirt, etc.

Love the new MacBook! White, black or silver? I loooove mine!

Mom said...

LOVE the BOOTS. Great successful shopping excursion.

I like both carpet colors. I'll look at them longer and post my pick in a little while.

Any hope to restore the old pics and data on your old computer? There has to be a way...

Ms. Debbie said...

Taupestone is my vote too. It will be easier to keep clean and most versatile. Love the "music" room. I miss the music. One of my most enjoyed memories of when the kids lived at home. Can hardly wait to visit.

Marci said...

Taupestone is my vote, too. And I'm not just saying that because everyone else did, too!

Erin said...

I'm going with Wild Oats. But that's based on having two male children and one male husband who refuse to take their shoes off. Don't underestimate the power of stain-hiding colors.

Jaimy and Bret said...

Taupestone (that's the lighter one, right?). I realize this is delayed and the polls may be closed, but that is my vote, for what it's worth :). Any idea when you will be able to leave your castle for a brunch or similar excusrion?