Friday, January 2, 2009

Makeover: Before & After

You know you love those shows where they give a picture of the person before the makeover, and then she walks out on the stage in her new outfit and new hair, looking a thousand times better than before. You know the Tyra Banks' Show is still on the air solely due to those types of episodes.

Well, here at the Ol' Steele Blog, we do not want to disappoint. We have been working our rear ends off through the entire Christmas break (which essentially consisted of Christmas Day itself, since I didn't have enough forethought to request other days off...) to get the house painted.

We've only finished painting in two rooms, but they are the rooms that will be the most lived-in for the next few months, so it made sense to do those first and then accomplish the rest over time.

So, without further ado, here we go:


The old living room was a delightful shade of orangey-pink, sort of a salmon color, with some really awful wallpaper borders and horrid curtains. We truly detested the color, but the worst part was not the paint on the walls....


It was the paint on the fireplace. Specifically, someone painted the dental molding with a dark hunter green paint in each of the grooves. It looked like piano keys. Thinking that the green stripes weren't enough, the former owners also inexplicably painted a stripe of mustard-colored paint around the fireplace trim.

To further complicate things, there was a layer of cloudy gunk covering the fireplace glass, so we couldn't even see inside the fireplace to light the pilot.


For the makeover, we picked two complementing paint colors from Behr: Pecan Sandie (a lighter tan) and Toffee Crunch (a darker tan). Both are very neutral colors, which is just what we wanted. Pecan Sandie is the main color, which we used to paint most of the living room.


We chose to make the fireplace wall an accent wall. The other two walls (in the corner with the TV) are also Pecan Sandie. We primed the fireplace to cover up those colors, and then I painstakingly painted the entire mantel in semi-gloss bright white.


We also bought some fireplace glass cleaner, called White-Off, which worked amazingly. We were astounded by how clean it made the glass look.



The old kitchen had white cabinets with white knobs, white appliances, and dirty green countertops. Not much to change here -- just needed a good scrub and maybe a couple of new appliances. (Oh, and someone please take down that ivy and the wallpaper border atop the cabinets. Why is there fake ivy on the cabinets??)


Our old fridge definitely had to go. It doesn't look bad in this photo, but it was full of mold spores and very, very icky.


For this makeover: We haven't finished painting the kitchen yet, so please ignore the weird terra cotta paint color on the backsplash (I think it will be Pecan Sandie as well, but I'm open to suggestions). We replaced the cabinet knobs with silver ones, and our new stainless steel appliances were delivered on the 30th!


The countertops will get replaced eventually, but they are much more bearable with the clean, new, sanitary appliances installed. And the green color is starting to grow on me. (Bonus points if you can tell where we stopped painting. Like a home renovation Where's Waldo.)



As you may remember (because the color seared your retinas last time I showed you this picture), the master bedroom was shockingly pink. Mauve, even, and with a vicious border and some very gold curtains.


For this makeover: It took us two gallons of primer in nearly three coats to cover that pink before we could apply the actual color we'd picked (Pewter Mug by Behr, a nice calming grey).


We also soon discovered why the prior owners had such big gold curtains hanging on that window. Turns out the blinds don't close. Ha. Fun times.

Two thumbtacks and a bedsheet later, your favorite renovation rednecks had a nice new bedroom curtain. (And now you will all wonder how long it will take us to get real window coverings. I swear its next on the list. For real. Maybe.)


So there you have it. Two (and a half, if you count the kitchen) rooms done, approximately 6 rooms to go (although I might count that striped basement as two or three rooms because Lordy it is huge.) Not half bad for having lived there a total of three nights thus far, right?

(Just nod and smile. I've done a bit too much climbing up a shaky ladder with a full paint tray, and I think it's made me a bit nutso. Also, I think I still have paint in my hair.)


Erica said...

its FABULOUS!!!! I really love the colors you chose, and the kitchen looks so great! the new appliances really make it look nice, and I kind of like the green countertop.

The Mulvihills said...

It all looks great! If only I could magically appear with my sewing machine to rustle you up some new window treatments! The appliances in the kitchenlook so fun to cook with! Good Job, you guys!

tracy said...

Looks AMAZING, Heather and Steven!!!!

jmdettin said...

Heather - I am Jen's friend in Rochester that stalks your blog. Your writing is hilarious and I love your new house! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Job, Kids!!! How is my Carlie doing through it all? Will talk soon... Blessings in your new home!! Aunt Sandi

samantha said...