Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yep, 6 More Weeks of Winter

I'm writing this from Steven's new computer.  It is not like mine.  This has resulted in my realization that I don't like change all that much.  

Last weekend, the temperatures here hit the low 60s, and I frantically googled the instructions for a lasagna garden, with hopes that I could get at least some spinach into the ground before it got cold again.

And then this happened.


And me and Pringles, well, we've decided we aren't leaving the house again until it stops being all cold and frosty white outside.  Carlie and Steven remain unfazed.  I think Carlie might actually be Canadian.  She is impervious to cold.


This is Steven's perception of what I look like every night, determinedly trying to figure out where and how I will plant a garden in the backyard.  All this planning - its tough work, I tell you.


Luckily, the return of Jack Frost has granted me a few more weeks to plot and ploy my raised beds.  I also need a good amount of compost to make this whole lasagna garden thing happen, and I can't figure out how or where to get any.  And not one single place in this whole huge metropolitan area is selling a compost bin right now.  Not a single place.  


So, as I write this, there may or may not be a big black garbage bag in my backyard with about 30 lbs of wet leaves, hopefully composting away.  Under the snow, that is.

Maybe I'll start my vegetable garden in 2010.  I think I'm going to need this first year to just get my bearings.

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Erica said...

fairfax county gives some kind of compost away. melissa knows the details, they get it every year. for my lasagna garden, I went to home depot and bought some dirt and some other bagged things. then I used grass clippings and other things we had laying around (like a bag of rotted mulch).

I'm very excited to see if my compost bin worked this year!!!

p.s. melissa and jon do worm composting, which I think just requires a trash can.