Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our First House (Pending Various Contingencies, All Rights Reserved, And Other Such Legal Jargon)


(the house that will hopefully be) Our First Home.


This house was listed as a foreclosure, which means it is currently bank-owned. Sometimes foreclosures can be scary -- the people who live in them pre-foreclosure will sometimes destroy them before they finally get kicked out.

So when we opened the door to check this place out, we weren't sure what we'd find.

And what we did find was breathtaking.


Directly to the left when you walk in the front door, there is a beautiful sitting room with a big bay window (above).

And to the right is a formal dining room (I am standing in the dining room taking this picture).


From the dining room, you can see into the kitchen (where I am going over the contract with our realtor).


And here is a good shot of the front foyer.


From the front foyer, you can also see down the hallway into the living room (with a fireplace!).


Off to the side of the hallway is a half bath.


And here's the living room. (So bright!)


Standing in the living room, you can see into the kitchen (its very open).


And standing in the kitchen, you can see into the living room!


And look! Gas stove! (This was my non-negotiable. Yes. I am stubborn. This should not surprise anyone.)


Off to the side of the kitchen is a mudroom with a washer and dryer. (And lots of shelves!) The door there leads to the garage.


And we'll take a (quick) jaunt into the basement. (Barnum & Bailey lived down here, apparently.) (Yes. We will be painting. Feel free to volunteer your help. :)


And now let's go upstairs!


Here is the smallest bedroom (#1).


And here is bedroom #2.


Bedroom #3 is brought to you by Minnie Mouse.


Here's the upstairs full bath. Its yellow with white tile. Its kind of cute, and I might not even paint it.


The master bedroom, however, will be the first thing we paint. Because, yes, it is fuchsia. (Part of me wants to ask the bank if they foreclosed on Barbie & Ken, but I'd better not...) (Also, gold curtains? Seriously? Wow...)


The master bath is a bit better, but I truly do not understand the wallpaper border. (I like the fixtures though. Those can stay.) I didn't manage to get a picture of the tub, but just trust me that it says "jacuzzi" on it. Oh, happiness.


And now to the backyard! (I don't think the chairs convey...)


Master Steele decided to survey the grounds of his (well, potentially his) property.


Pringles and Carlie specifically requested a special place to pee. I do hope we've delivered on that request.


So there you have it! The inspection will be sometime in the next week, so please keep your fingers crossed for us that nothing is too horribly wrong with it. I'd be sad to lose this one -- its quite a find. Our little slice of the American Dream, right? :)


Eric said...

Wow, that's a beautiful house! Congratulations, and hope the rest of the process is smooth sailing.

Becky said...

Oh my word - it is gorgeous! and huge! Can we bring you along as a good luck charm when we start looking?? Also, glad you didn't opt for the earlier houses, huh?:)

Steven said...

I am so excited to start painting and get in there!

The Mulvihills said...

Looks GREAT! We are super excited to see it in person!

Dad said...

That master bedroom ... now THERE's a color found in nature :-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful house. I'm so happy for you.

Daniel J said...

now granted i've never met you in PERSON but even i looked at the pictures and was like "that doesn't seem like heather" but painting just kinda goes with the territory. the house looks so so so so so gorgeous. you and your honey and your puppehs will have a wonderful time in it!

kristinandmillie said...

What a pretty house with a ton of character! If it's meant to be it will be! :)

Jennifer said...

i am so proud, excited, overwhlemed (a lot of painting, but hey, you can make that fun and then feel like it is officially all YOUR own "hand selected" style!) so happy fr you and thank you so much for the pics. it is beautiful:)