Saturday, August 1, 2009

Almost Ready...

The tomato garden is full of almost ready tomatoes.


Little baby ones, just sprung from their yellow flowers...


And big plump green ones, as big as both of my hands put together.


One of them has even started turning a yellowy-pink color. But they aren't quite ready yet. They need a little more time. (And I'm so impatient!)


This is the first time I've planted heirloom tomatoes; these are Pink Brandywines. I can't wait to slice them up into caprese salads. Maybe in a couple of weeks?


Marci said...

my grandfather always says to pick them as soon as they get the smallest amount of color on them . . . otherwise, you might miss it and they'll be mushy on the vine. (He's been growing tomatoes for longer than I've been alive, I'm sure.) Also, I love a good caprese salad! MMM!

Arroz con Mango said...

It was so good to meet you too! I love these tomato pictures. They are beautiful!