Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brace Yourselves

About two and a half years ago, Steven decided he wanted to get braces.


Throughout the process, he went through a great deal of pain (including having 5 (five!) teeth pulled) and a great many tiny little orthodontic rubber bands (which he would leave around the house in convenient places such as: The Fireplace Mantel! The Kitchen Counter! Way Too Close To My Toothbrush!).


And today, I am pleased to announce to the world that our days of orthodonty are over! (At least, until we have teenage kids, that is...)

Doesn't he look great? Go Steven!


And, to give the full effect, here are the before and after pictures the orthodontist took: (before is on the left, after is on the right)

Clearly we must have started the running after he got the braces on -- he got straighter teeth and dropped 20 lbs. I am quite jealous.


In true Steven form, he got home, looked in the mirror and said, "Ok. Straight teeth. What should I do next?"

Ever ambitious, that Steven Steele.


Congratulations, dear, on your No-More-Braces-Day. I am very proud of you. (P.S., you'd better not lose that retainer, or its coming out of your allowance.)


The Mulvihills said...

Yippee!!! The braces are off! I'm excited to see your teeth next week! I think your hair even looks better in the 'after' shot! Fun times!

Mom said...

Tip: For some unknown reason puppies LOVE to eat retainers. Also Burger King trash cans collect retainers too.

Congratulations, Steven. Smooth teeth feel great. I was 26 when I got my braces off; when Heather was a toddler.