Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Steven Says I Forgot To Show You The Dining Room Table

So here it is!


We bought it from Klaussner Homes (who, by the way, promised to come out and fix a scratch in the table -- I really ought to call them about that). The entire set was only $900, which is beyond fabulous for a table and six chairs (in my humble opinion).


We've owned it for about a month and have already hosted two dinners. This was what I dreamed of during all those years in a one-bedroom-no-space-for-a-table-much-less-a-dinner-party apartments. (Although, come to think of it, my friend Tracy manages to host dinner parties in her one-bedroom-apartment, so clearly it can be done. Just not by me.) ;)


Happy dining, and if you're nearby, stop by for dinner sometime!


Mom said...

Yes! I remember the baked ravioli dinner with fresh flowers on the table! You are a great hostess, Heather. We are proud.

Love your table and chairs. Love you!

Julie said...

i want to come for dinner!