Sunday, August 16, 2009

They Should Really Call It Ironing And Pinning...

Because you end up doing much more of that as opposed to actual sewing.


The folks at my work are always asking me on Friday afternoon, "So, what are you doing this weekend?" I have a fairly good idea how most twenty-somethings would respond, and I wouldn't imagine that "Oh, sewing cloth napkins" would be a typical answer.


But then again, they've come to expect some odd answers to that question from yours truly. Prior answers have included making a lasagna garden, mixing a sourdough starter, and making potato gnocchi from scratch (with my cousin!).


Hey, at least I keep it interesting.


So, when I saw the post on The Kitchn blog for how to make cloth napkins, I realized it would be a perfect "first" sewing project for me. (I say "first" because Steven bought me the sewing machine back in 2006, right after my Spring semester exams ended. In my usual overly-ambitious zeal for learning how to do something new, I bought a pattern for pajama pants and a jersey shirt. Four hours and two bent needles later, I had something, but it did not resemble pajama pants. Sewing has been in time out ever since.)


This weekend seemed as good as any to jump back on the sewing wagon. And I figured if I can't handle straight square lines, then perhaps I should just stick to knitting.

And look! Lookie what I made!


I am unreasonably excited about these little cloth napkins. I still can't really believe that I made these.


And it really wasn't difficult at all. If you really inspected them closely, you'd see that they arent the same sizes at all, and the edges really aren't even straight, but I don't care. I love them. I am totally and absolutely hooked.


Unfortunately, there aren't any good fabric stores near me (although now that I think of it there is a fun quilt shop near the Fairfax courthouse... I might have to stop by this week). If I can really get this napkin thing down to a science, I might consider doing cloth napkins for everyone for Christmas this year.


And once I've got cloth napkins nailed, I might try for an apron next. Maybe.


Julie said...

they look great! so proud of you!!

Mom said...

Beautiful double stitching on your napkins. Great sewing job. I LOVE em.

Steven said...

Way to go! I'm glad you finally had some free time to make those without me around bugging you. :-)

The Mulvihills said...

They look fab! I keep my ironing board set up 24/7 because with all the sewing, it really makes no sense to put it away. The napkins look great!!!! I'm proud!

Erica said...

I, for one, want to see the pants (again)...

awesome napkins my dear :)