Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goin' to the Vineyard and We're Gonna Get Maaaaaarried

No, not us, silly. Been there, done that, remember?

But boy, oh boy, my friends sure do pick some gorgeous wedding locales. I want to build a house right here and have the window over the kitchen sink look out on this view. I'd never leave. (Which would probably tick off the vineyard owners, so its just as well that I can't really do that.)


And doesn't The Husband clean up so nicely? He's looking quite dapper in his dress clothes and his no-more-braces!


Seriously, you guys, the farmer in me wants to snatch up this place in a second. How awesome is that backdrop? (See my farm on the hill up there? Yep, I see it too....)


Since it was an outdoor wedding in August, they had fans on each seat for the guests.


Steven found this both fascinating and hilarious.

Helloooo, I have a fan.

Our beautiful bride looked lovely and delightfully overwhelmed by the moment. She planned this whole wedding during law school. I know, right? Amazing.


It was picture-perfect, right down to the car alarm that went off just as the service began. Everyone had a nice chuckle over that one.

Ladies and gentlemen, Lindsay and Charles Anderson!

After the wedding, the guests were treated to a tasting of the vineyard's wines while the bride and groom took pictures. Steven picked the cabernet.


And I picked the chardonnay! I loved the idea that the wines came right from the grapes outside. Very local Virginia. I really like the idea of local foods and wines. Its rather hippy-crunchy of me, but you have to admit that backyard gardens and farmers markets are pretty wonderful things.


And, as always, getting to see another couple get married is always a fun moment of reflection for us. As we watched Lindsay walk down the aisle, I reflected on our many years of blissful marriage. And then I reflected on the spat we had about traffic on the way there. And then I reflected on whether I'd put the laundry in the dryer before we left the house. And then I reflected on the idea that we could potentially be without clean underwear as soon as tomorrow. You know, those blissful marriage thoughts that everyone has during weddings. Right?


Right. Love you muchly, dear. (Even if we don't have any clean underwear in the house, again. In fact, I'm going to go start the dryer right this instant. Just as soon as I finish writing this blog.... Ooh look, Project Runway is on!....)

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Steven Steele said...

What beautiful land that was. Someday we will have a plot like that of our own! :-)