Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What? You Think I Stopped Knitting?!

Oh, the knitting never truly stops. It just slows down based on whatever else has grabbed my interest in the interim.


But when the newest obsession resides, the knitting is right there waiting. Sort of like a stalker made of yarn. Kind of scary now that I think about it. Like that Geico dollar bill creature. That thing freaks me out.


Another reason the knitting never stops? Because everyone we know keeps procreating. And tiny babies = tiny knitting, which I absolutely cannot resist. So be fruitful and multiply, ya'll. I'll be right here churning out the infant sweaters.


This one is a favorite pattern of mine. Its Elizabeth Zimmerman's "February Baby Sweater," from the book Knitter's Almanac. Its done in Louet Gems Pearl, and it took a little more than one skein.

And I adore it. I finished it off with some pearl snaps which are, admittedly, kind of difficult to un-snap. Let's just hope the mom-to-be doesn't feel like bothering to snap her kid into the sweater and just uses it like a cardigan...


This little sweater was so fun and quick that I've started another one, this time in purple for a co-worker's sister-in-law's baby. (I am clearly a fiend for baby sweater requests, no matter how far removed the actual baby is from my daily existence.)


Marci said...

I absolutely adore that baby sweater! Will you take orders? I'm not kidding. How much would you charge? Of course, of course, it's for a baby I know. : )

Mom said...

I LOVE this baby sweater. The color is really pretty and the design in knitting is amazing.

Do you ever sleep? You are the most productive person I know.

I love you always,