Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spontaneous Music Video

Hello all. Steven reporting. Heather was much too tired from a stressful week at the office to post a new blog entry, so I decided to fill in. 

Tonight we were both sitting on the couch and relaxing. Heather was staring at her emails and surfing the web, while I had my trusty guitar out singing some Ryan Adams tunes. Well, I turned on the video recorder (which is conveniently installed on my Macbook) and this is what happened. 

It's a bummer that we couldn't upload the whole song, but here's a taste:

I was hoping Heather would chime in and start singing the harmonies, and sure enough, she did.  Sorry for the random moments of tuning issues, as we do not do this for a living. Not yet anyway. Also, we work 50 hour weeks. Its tough to carry a tune after a long day at the office. :)

Here's the real thing once you have watched our version. 



1 comment:

The Mulvihills said...

Loved it! It's like Skype with rewind! Sweet job strumming left handed! :)