Friday, May 1, 2009

I Grew This (And It Didn't Kill Me Yet)

Steven made a general announcement yesterday as he walked in the door.

"You know, they found salmonella in those seeds you bought."

"What seeds?"

"Those brussles sprouts. You're growing brussles sprouts in the garden, right?"

I gasped. "Oh no. Are you serious?"

"Yeah. Saw it on the news." He clicked on the TV nonchalantly and opened his laptop. I was frozen with grief. There goes the garden. All that hard work...

I was mentally working out how I would dig up the half-grown plants and reposition the other veggies when he nudged my elbow.

"Here, look at this." He turned the computer sideways to show me the screen. "See?"

I started to read the story aloud, and then stopped.

"Alfalfa sprouts?" I did a double take. "Babe, I didn't plant any alfalfa sprouts."

"Oh." He looked slightly dismayed. The plot had unraveled.

I laughed. "You can't get out of eating brussles sprouts that easily, Steven."


I had my first bowl of salad greens picked-straight-from-the-garden yesterday. It all started when I tried to thin out the spinach plants, and then I just kept picking more spinach and then some mesclun lettuce, and before you know it, I had a whole bowl of salad greens!


(Mr. Your-Garden-Might-Have-Salmonella did not partake in my salad. That's okay. I will taste-test it first for quality control purposes. And also, there was only enough for one bowl of salad.)


Between him and the swine flu, though, I am rather nervous about germs these days, so I scrubbed each individual leaf really well. Really well. I might have even used a tiny bit of soap. Don't hate.


The exciting part is that there's already enough new growth for another salad. I'm waiting till tomorrow to pick more, but things are looking good in Garden de Steele.


(And, for all of you as paranoid as I am, here's the FDA's report on alfalfa and mung bean sprouts. I am not growing either one in the garden, thankyouverymuch, but still, good info to know.)

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tracy said...

That salad looks pretty tasty...