Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Social Than We've Been In Months...

So apparently, there are people in this world who, after they get home from work, leave their houses again, on purpose, to see other people. They call it "hanging out" or "socializing." Sometimes it is also referred to as "small group."

I know, crazy, right? I mean, once I hit my couch after dinner, my rear end is planted there for the rest of the evening. That whole "spending time with other folks" thing? Its rare 'round these parts.

And as it turns out, its really something we ought to be doing more often. Because its a heck of a lot of fun.

(In retrospect, I really super really extra really wish that I'd gotten a clear picture of Steven's shirt that he purchased for the church softball game. He needed a red shirt, so we went to the discount mart and bought one for like $6.99. It says "From Hunky to Chunky." Awesome.)


Despite the threatening storms and turbulent winds, the Softball Wives Cheering Section did our best to stay warm and dry on the bleachers. In addition to Jenny's waterproof fleece blanket, which was a total lifesaver, I also ate half a bag of Sour Jelly Belly jellybeans to sustain my body temperature at optimal levels. (Jelly Belly is a panacea for all types of situations. Were you not aware of this?)


I got distracted a few times during the game by the invariable cuteness of a knit-adorned kid. (I am told the sweater is from The Gap. I took notes for the knit stash anyway. Cute pink border on the hood, raglan sleeve, random colorful stripeyness. Love it.)


Even though our fearless hubbies showed up for the softball practice as required, they still had to sit the bench for two innings each. Steven spent his bench time chatting it up with his newfound Twins' fan friend Tom. There is nothing like talking Kirby with someone who really knows what that magic Game 6 catch was all about.


Josh and Steven were both rather convinced that the team wouldn't win. It wasn't pessimism as much as it was just, well, being realistic. However, the Autumn Ridge Sandlot team defied all odds and, with the strong bat of Josh Mulvihill and the diving catches of Steven Steele, won their first game.


Steven, as you might expect, came home with two proudly skinned knees.


After the game, we went out to Twiddle Binky's (or some name that sounds rather like that -- Whistle Dinky? Fiddle Tinky? Oh who knows.) for popcorn and fried squeaky cheese. And the Twins game was even on TV at the restaurant! Turns out they televise the Twins games on regular TV in Minnesota!

Wonders never cease.


Looking back, I realized that our weekend in Minnesota was more social than we've been in months here at home. So, the whole hanging out with friends thing -- we should totally do that more often. Its actually quite a bit more fun than sitting on my bum at the house, refreshing Facebook and listening to Simon Cowell blather on so. (Actually, that's also fun, but in a different, more anti-social way. We are sometimes shamelessly antisocial. I can admit it.)

Now off to find a softball team for Steven...


Erica said...

you guys can come hang out on our couches :)

Ms. Debbie said...

So now I know why it was dark out when you arrived home. You were hanging out with a great group.

Anonymous said...

Squeaky cheese - hil-arious. 2nd game tomorrow night - I'll let you know how it goes. I'm on the black list for speaking up.


Steven Steele said...

"Shoeless" Josh Mulvihill

Forever banned from Autumn Ridge Softball League #2.

Oh the shame.

Mom said...

What is squeeky cheese?