Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day and Minnesooot-ah!

For starters, Happy Mothers' Day, Mom(s)! Here's the Edible Arrangements we sent to my mom with lots of chocolate! Yum -- glad you liked it Mom!

We're actually in the frosty North right now, visiting Steven's family in Rochester, Minnesota. And we can't have a visit to the Land O' Lakes without going to . . . (you guessed it) . . .

The Metrodome.


He could not possibly be more excited. Its like his baseball Mecca. See the glee on that face?


For those of you who might not be quite as intimately acquainted with the happenings of the Minnesota Twins, this is their last year in the Metrodome stadium. They're building a new one, and get this: Its outdoors. Yes, in the land of forty-below temps, we've decided it would be a good idea to play baseball in the open air. I anticipate snow delays well into June. :) (You can sort of see what the new stadium will look like -- its painted on the wall behind Steven and his dad).


(About twenty seconds after we took this picture, Tony Oliva himself came wandering out of the Twins' Executive Offices. Steven gasped and sputtered, "TONY OLIVA!" And Tony was very nice and gracious and came right over to shake his hand. Mr. Oliva then patted me on the back, which was awkward but also funny.)

Hello world, I've just spent all day in a plane. Nothing says "photograph me" quite like airport hair.

So, of course, its a nostalgic visit for Steven, since this is potentially the last time he'll see the Twins play in the Dome. He cherished each millisecond as we sat in the Home Run Porch, for old times' sake.


It was also nostalgic because our little nephew, Jay, got to experience his first-ever MLB game. Steven promised to buy him a foam finger. Jay was excited but also slightly nervous. (And the Metrodome is LOUD, too.)


I think Steven really just wanted an excuse to buy a foam finger.


To further compound Steven's elation, we managed to buy tickets for the exact row in which Kirby Puckett hit a monumental home run. (I forget why it was monumental, but they changed out the color of the chair, so it must have been something good. I'm sure Steven will fill us in on the details...)


We actually managed to gather the entire Steele family together for this baseball game. Steven's sister Jenny and her husband Josh were there with their sons Jay and Asher, and Steven's older brother, Jeff was there with his girlfriend, Erin.


Erin and I took turns holding Asher, who was adorable and extremely well behaved through the whole game. (He is clearly a future baseball fan.)


To sugar coat the whole night, the Twins absolutely stomped the Mariners that night, and Steven caught a ball (as he always somehow manages to do). I bet you know who he gave it to...


Bye bye, Metrodome. You did us proud, and we'll miss you.


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