Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On The Upswing

Its been a rough week around these here parts, folks . . .


Our little champion, Carlie, spent Sunday afternoon at the emergency vet after a lump on her leg (this is gross, so if you are eating, don't read any further...) ruptured and started oozing.

Ick. So, we went to the vet and she got it lopped off. (The lump, not her leg.)

Don't worry, they gave her some really good drugs. She'll be fine -- she's already on the mend.


We've also spent the last week dealing with some work stresses (mostly on my end, and Steven's just been dealing with a stressed-out me, which (as we all know from past experience - read: bar exams) is not much fun at all) and some car stresses. Nothing serious with the car, just an annoyance that needed repair.

And, as of today, relationships are being resolved and repaired at work, so that will be improving shortly as well.

So, what do you do when it feels like your car, dog, and job are all falling apart?


Plant hydrangeas, of course. What else? (Okay, or go shoe shopping. Or maybe bake an enormous batch of brownies and sit in front of the television watching reruns of Jon and Kate Plus Eight, lamenting the "good old days" when the kids were younger, Jon was his happy, dopey self, and Kate just seemed overly organized, not vicious.)

(And yes, we bought the "cheap" hydrangeas.)


I am confident that with a little love and a lot of plant food, these babies will grow as tall as my window box and be brimming with beautiful flowers. (Send them some good growing vibes, will ya?)

As I wandered around Home Depot on Monday, moping about my sad state of affairs and wishing like crazy that I could just wish away all the stress and ick, I spotted some really pretty pink flowers that looked perfect for the containers on the porch.

When I got them home and planted them, I realized what they were:



(I think Somebody Up There is trying to teach me something, perhaps . . .)

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Erin said...

You are definitely a homeowner now - instead of going shopping at the mall to relieve stress, you go shopping at Home Depot!!