Saturday, October 18, 2008

Democrats Fall In Love, Republicans Fall In Line

And oh, what a line it was.


It was at least two miles long. Want to see what 10,000 Republicans in a line looks like?


For as long as it was, the line went surprisingly fast. We got there at about 1 PM (when the doors opened) and we were through security by 2:30 PM.

Getting closer...

And we just missed being interviewed. (Maybe I should have donned my kool-aid red mohawk for the occasion...)


I did not, however, miss the free sticker people.


We finally made it in, and this was our view. A bit obstructed by all the other Republican noggins.


I told Steven that seeing the media deck made me wish I'd stayed in the TV news industry. They get the best seats to these things...


(The Secret Service roof snipers also had good seats.)


Steven spotted Carl Cameron from Fox News. (We saw him later on TV back at home. He looked a bit bedraggled by that point. I don't blame him -- he had a long day.)


After about 20 minutes, we saw the Straight Talk Express drive up (escorted by our fine NoVa police), and I turned toward the stage to take a few test pictures.

And this is what I saw:


A brief public service announcement to parents of young children attending political rallies. Your little Suzie does not care about John McCain. She is six years old. She cannot vote. Ergo, she DOES NOT NEED TO BE ON YOUR FREAKING SHOULDERS during the political rally. Put her down and save us all the grief of staring at her cute little backside instead of seeing the POTENTIAL FUTURE PRESIDENT who we actually came here to see.

Thank you.

Suzie or no Suzie, I did manage to eke out a few pictures of Ol' Johnny.


Can you see him?


Steven got some better ones. (In my defense, he took the camera just as Suzie got tired of the tremendous heights...)


We shouted "USA! USA!" and "Drill Baby Drill!" (I was waiting for that one!) and a few lesser known favorites like "Liberal Press! Liberal Press!" and "No-bama! No-bama!" (Which I thought sounded too much like we were just chanting for Obama.)

I really enjoyed the speech, especially the ending part where McCain starts each sentence with the word "Fight":

"We've got to fight for what's right for our country! Fight for the ideals and character of a free people! Fight for our children's future! We never hide from history; we make history!"

After the speech, McCain made the rounds for handshakes and autographs. We were nowhere near close enough to get a signature, but we made our way as close as we could.


Pretty cool, eh?

After John left again on the Straight Talk Express, we found the CNN Express.


We also found This Guy:


Recognize him? He's the one who always gives the State-by-State breakdown during the election night coverage. (His cameraman was glaring at me when I took the picture, so I didn't go up and try to talk to him or anything.)


He totally should have interviewed me though. I had a sticker, yo. I was passionate.


On our way back to the car, Steven found the biggest possible sign to stand next to.


We proudly accepted our free yard signs. Even though we have no yard.

And as we sat in the traffic line to leave, I realized I'd forgotten to do one last thing.

I forgot to buy a Sarah t-shirt.


(We have since rectified this situation, and I am awaiting my t-shirt in the mail.)


Steven said...

I really enjoyed this post. I wish Sarah would have been there.

Ms. Debbie said...

Thank you for being there. Have you heard the sermon "Crisis in America" given by Adrian Rogers many years ago? ( His words rang true then, and even more now. Obama's stand on the abortion issue alone makes me want to scream "STOP HIM". Last week two Moms from our Daycare suffered loss from miscarriages. It was so sad. One family actually named and had pictures taken with the baby. Life is so precious and vulnerable. Any one willing to support laws that take a life cannot be endorsed.

kristinandmillie said...

great post!! what kind of camera/lens do you shoot with? your up close pictures of ol johnny are great!!