Friday, October 3, 2008

In Which I Do Something Inexorably Stupid

For our regularly scheduled handknits photo session, I had planned to show you my progress on Helena, an adorable raglan sleeve baby sweater.


(Don't get any ideas, people. I knit these because they are fast, not because I have any small humans in my house to clothe. Only small canines.)


Anywho. I was all geared up for the photoshoot, and I set the sweater (and its coordinating ball of yarn) on my glass table on the porch.

And then a strong breeze blew past me.

And I watched as my perfectly-wound ball of yarn rolled OFF the glass table and OVER the balcony and FELL DOWN three stories to the pinestraw below!

That's right. I dropped my knitting off the balcony. Rats.

I managed to yank the entire thing back up three stories, but it was not pretty.


I did this because I am awesomely clumsy.

Oh well. It used to look pretty, anyway.


PS - I adore this yarn. So nice.

PPS - I think Keith Olbermann's voice might give me an aneurysm someday. Seriously. I start to twitch when I hear it, and then I get the angry.

PPPS - I get this same reaction when I hear the Bette Midler classic, "Wind Beneath My Wings." Oddly enough.


laura (knittinkitties) said...

Do'oh! sounds like something i'd do!! regardless the sweater looks fantastic. :-)

Mom said...

Love the color of this yarn!

Dad said...

Yep. Keith Olbermann is a waste of perfectly good oxygen.