Sunday, October 12, 2008

Moleskine Cookbook

I have a slight thing for blank books.

If by slight you mean crazed and by thing you mean obsession.

I used to require only unlined blank books -- I hated having to write in someone else's pre-set lines on a page. If I wanted to write sideways or upside down or in circles, then by golly, I was not about to be trapped into a paper with lines. How stifling!

And then I went to law school, which promptly washed out the creative, writing-colorful-and-sideways part of my brain and replaced it with BarBri outlines.

Hence this blog, wherein I am slowly remembering what it was like to think creatively, back before I was subjected to things like subject matter jurisdiction and venue issues and service of process. (Civil Procedure is, essentially, the Destroyer of Creativity.)


My brand-new linear-thinking brain hasn't quite recovered enough to revert back to my classic old unlined blank books, so I have discovered the next best thing.



Seriously, I adore these books. They are the perfect size to carry around with me everywhere, and the lines are skinny enough and light enough that it doesn't drive me crazy to write in them (or totally disregard them).

I've had a black Moleskine since graduation, which has held everything from grocery lists to study schedules to my random Starbucks early-morning-journaling.

Now that I've started cooking more, I've been looking for a way to store my favorite recipes. I looked at a bunch of recipe binders, but they all seemed sloppy and mismatchy. What I really wanted was just a nice recipe book where I could write out my favorite recipes into several different categories.

Enter my new Recipe Moleskine. (They are only selling the red ones at Barnes and Noble.)


The Post-Its are a temporary fix, until I can get my hands on some nicer tabbed labels.


But I actually really like the streamlined look of these tabs, so I'm going to be looking for something similar in size to these labels.

So far, I've written about 13 recipes in the book. Mostly desserts, of course.

If you've got a recipe that's a must-add for my new cookbook, I'm all ears.


The Mulvihills said...

I love Moleskine notebooks also. Especially the small ones. They are my notebook of choice for calorie counting and food journaling. Discreet, pocket-in-the-back, wonderfulness!

Dad said...

Your penmanship (penwomanship?) is glorious!

Anonymous said...

a tabbed moleskine: